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Get the Latest Headlines on Your 2021 Audi A3 Specification

The 2021 Audi A3 is likely to receive an update at some point soon, possibly as soon as the summer. If so, I suspect we’ll see a number of new design elements, primarily a wider body style and perhaps more power and better handling. That may be a bit of a stretch, but it does make sense. After all, the new A3 sedan already has wider fenders, a sportier grille, bigger brakes, and a longer, narrower front end. So it’s likely we’ll once again see the same potent combination of body styling and handling abilities.

2022 audi a3 specifications

Where are the revisions to the A3 Stane all around? On the lower end, I think we’ll see revised front and rear bumper profiles, new air intakes, new side skirts, revised tire, and possibly even a slightly larger engine. Of course, the biggest news out of this entire redesign is the addition of the 40 Premium Plus trim, which adds another couple of hundred pounds to the car’s curb weight. This will enable the A3 to handle more off road types and rough terrains. I think the auto parts market will see a lot of interest in these sorts of heavy duty A3s, especially since they’re also less expensive when compared to the current A3 models.

Audi is also considering making their new A3 TDI auto a base model instead of the high performance sedan, and removing the rear seat and replacing it with a standard mid-engine drivetrain. Could this reduce fuel consumption and increase wear and tear on the A/C? Yes, it almost certainly would, since there isn’t much of a difference between a TDI (turbulent-duty) car and a standard A/C. But would it be the best design for your family?

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In terms of looks, the biggest change is in the front end, where the new model will sport a new front bumper with dual-spokes instead of the conventional two-spoked bumpers. It also has a longer fender, and wider rear view mirrors. I’m not sure if the RS3 diesel will have the same fenders, or whether it will even be a similar design. No word on the turbocharged engine, but we can expect it to be a gasoline fueled power plant.

Now let’s talk about the specifics of the new model. First, let’s see how the revised A/S lineup works. Audi introduced a new A3 sport-tuned wagon, the Volkswagen Jetta Sport Wagon, with all-wheel drive and a body style very similar to that of the redesigned Legacy concept shown recently. Expect the new sedan to use a similar all-wheel drive system and a similar body style. It is likely to have front and rear air vents, as well as larger brake calipers and wider front and rear wheels with more aggressive designs.

The other major announcement in theonial was the addition of a new base model called the Volkswagen Passat with the same gasoline-fueled Jetta TDI i-4 engine as the sporty Jetta TDI i-4 that also came as a base model. That new TDI is only available on the manual transmission. No word on whether the standard Jetta will remain unchanged or get a turbocharged version with the diesel option. The new diesel will most likely be an upgraded version of the gasoline Jetta TDI with front and rear air vents and a stronger battery.

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